Human Resources

NHIT, since at its inception on 2007, might be the pioneer to introduce Human Resource & Corporate Relations Department inside an academic institution in eastern India, rather than introducing different departments to serve the basic upgraded views in different manner. Naturally from the very first day we had a mission to serve this institution implementing quality human resource services retaining the diverse & talented man power. Our vision to enhance the colleges ability and notion proved to be a panacea against all odds during the run and successes always figured out by proper planning & implementation.

Anti-ragging measurement

These policies are based on the Honorable Supreme Court of India’s ruling and UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher education institutions, 2009.

As per the recommendations, the apex court has said that ragging is unacceptable and must be deterred by exemplary and harsh punishment.

Our institute has been free from this menace because of the active cooperation of the faculty, students, parents and staff & members of specified anti-ragging committee. We also continually make an effort to free our campus from all kinds of toxins viz. ragging, consumption of liquor, etc.

In our Institute if any student is found indulging in any activity, which comes in the category of ragging, then he/she becomes liable to any or all of following punishments:

  • Suspension or expulsion from the hostel or the Institute,
  • Withholding of results,
  • Debarring from representation in events,
  • Withholding scholarships or other benefits, or
  • Anything which the Disciplinary Committee finds suitable as per the enquiry conducted.
  • FIR to be filed with Police on receipt of complaint

As per the Report of the Raghavan Committee on ragging, constituted by Honorable Supreme Court of India, it is mandatory for the institutions to get an undertaking from parents of all the students of first year stating that their ward would refrain from any activity leading to an act of ragging. UGC rules also provide for stringent punishment if any student is found to be indulging in ragging.

Students up gradation programe

We already set an example following our employers vision & commitment to be one of the number one institute in this region continuing education & rendering proper updated training through recruiting versatile faculties and assistants. We are keen enough to promote our students as successful engineers in both the field of higher education and employment section.

Indeed the whole credit was not only on our cards; we are proud to be included as the NHITian with the successful assistance & participation by the members of other departments also.

Introducing Humanities Department was not just an idea only for developing soft skill & communicating skill for the students, too some extent, we had a belief that behind each & every person, the humanities lies inside, must be carefully nurtured to make him or her commendable to collect the elixir of civilization through professional commitment.

Different integrated program related with trouble shooting also initiated by this department recently. We already had started Computer Hardware Repairing classes among our ETCE students in regular manner. Different courses are also framed for the students of other branches already and we hope to deliver them in near future. Also presenting different dedicated software based computing laboratories for different aspects.

In the field of Diploma Engineering establishments in Eastern India our vast infrastructure is already adored & appreciated by the core Engineering Organisations. Our laboratories & workshops are well equipped with machines & instruments upgraded always to latest technology.


We are always in search for personal, community and economic development following assistance in up gradation movement both for faculty / staff & students, simultaneously.

Introduction of Alumni Association

To produce a good engineer, we like to provide the support of good technical environment for proper technical training of our students. We are also ready to support any of our technical requirement to the pass out students using our infrastructure and qualified faculties. Successfully this lead us to generating an alumni association providing with infrastructural & financial support within our campus. We are also planning to generate zone wise alumni association in different zones of India, where our students are already proving themselves as successful employees & entrepreneurs.

We are very much optimistic with our students following their successful ability to cope up in the professional field as experienced & informed by different notable Organizations, so far.


Making Corporate Tie up for the betterment of the students placement record

In search to build up corporate relation, we are always seeking about the responsible participation in the field of recruitment of diploma engineer candidates by some notable organisation. We will be honored and are interested to be a part of requirement, if possible through on / off campussing as guided by the authority.

As a result we are in constant persuasion for the usp & requirements of the engineering organisations and make them transmitted among the students inside the campus, out of syllabus.


In present scenario, the bridge between the educational institute & the industrial organisation are often found to be missing. Often we are acting as a catalyst to make this bridge visible followed by the strengthening the corporate relation with the responsible people from the industry. This intention feathered us further to build the confidence among students to be a presentable candidates, increase their interest for the organisation be a successful employee of that organisation & finally bestowed us with an accreditation, that we are not an institution, rather we are the successful makers of an engineer.


Managing throughout surveillance of web based information center & Wi-Fi zone

Definitely we are the pathfinder for other institutions showing successful attitude towards higher education for students, as well as creating prominent training & placement opportunities for the student community. In this context, we will be proud to inform you, that in eastern India we have the better intake capacity of students as approved by AICTE & WBSCTE, and also pioneer in continuing two regular shifts using the same infrastructure successfully. The altogether students strength, comprising of 1st year to 3rd year already crossed the 2000 mark & is constantly increasing year after year following our vision & mission as we achieved. The huge records & information is strategically is not safe & manageable without saved computing data information & messaging system. From the early crippling through our infancy stage, our mission & vision constantly in requirement of a web based information & academic excellence. During a short period, following the continuous upgraded requirement, we had completed an integrated own server based web information bureau system in addition to other social media information system. Introducing Wi-Fi campus recently made our feat strengthen further.


Providing excellent Campus Record  year after year

The constant surveillance by efficient & experienced faculty and officials for introducing our fresher students towards required industries, is strengthening our effort courageously. We are now confident enough, to provide the best support in terms of placement, in pan India basis, to our students. Based on the corporate relation, we found it necessary to prepare our students in a best possible way after gathering the information & supportive measurements as required by different organisations.

Truth is our mission while we are delivering placement information.
Safety & security are our vision when our students getting the opportunity of placement.
Our oath is minimizing the attrition after recruitment towards the recruiters.

Our success graph-path constantly proving these words.


Transformation of HR Department towards the Department of Human Resources & Corporate Relation.


The ventures in different aspects made us more cautious to represent our self as a soul unit for the planning, development & execution of appropriate thoughts in terms of justified improvisation to upgrade our selves continuously. We are liable to relate us academically as well as corporately. These features improvised us to increase our duties, responsibilities & activity day-by-day & thus introducing of HR&CR Department is just an evitable measures in this institution.

Depicting the above, we are very much keen & confident to present a group of new engineers with sound technical knowledge and professional attitude to satisfy the requirements of any esteemed organization.