Approval, Affiliation, Association


The New Horizons Institute of Technology (NHIT) is an AICTE-approved institute, signifying its compliance with the rigorous standards set by the All India Council for Technical Education. This approval highlights NHIT's commitment to providing high-quality technical education, ensuring that its programs, faculty, and facilities meet the essential requirements for delivering an outstanding learning experience. With AICTE approval, NHIT guarantees that its students receive an education that is both relevant and respected in the industry.

WBSCT&VE&SD Affiliation

The New Horizons Institute of Technology (NHIT) is affiliated with the West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education and Skill Development (WBSCT&VE&SD). This affiliation ensures that NHIT adheres to the stringent academic and operational standards set by the council, offering courses that are in line with the latest industry requirements and educational practices. Through this partnership, NHIT provides students with accredited programs that enhance their technical and vocational skills, making them well-prepared for successful careers in their respective fields.

Quality Policy & ISO Certification

The New Horizons Institute of Technology (NHIT) is an ISO-certified institute, showcasing its dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence in education and training. This prestigious certification reflects NHIT's adherence to internationally recognized best practices, ensuring students receive a reliable, effective, and globally competitive learning experience.

Life Instutional Member of IEI

The New Horizons Institute of Technology (NHIT) is a lifetime institutional member of The Institution of Engineers (India). This prestigious membership reflects NHIT's enduring commitment to excellence in engineering education and its integration with a renowned professional body. Being a lifetime member, NHIT benefits from continuous access to a vast network of engineering expertise, resources, and industry insights, enabling it to provide students with a robust and contemporary engineering education that aligns with global standards.

Member of The Indian Society for Technical society

The New Horizons Institute of Technology (NHIT) is an esteemed institutional member of The Indian Society for Technology. This membership signifies NHIT's active engagement with a leading professional organization dedicated to the advancement of technology and engineering education in India. By being part of this society, NHIT stays at the forefront of technological developments, collaborates with other institutions and industry leaders, and continuously enhances its curriculum to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills.


What Special Care We Take?


Mentor for Each Students to Solve their Problems

Proper Grooming

We take special care to groom each students for their professional life.

Beyond Curriculum

Special Classes for cutting edge technology

Industrial Training

To gain and experience practical knowledge we have tie-up with reputed industries.