THE NEW HORIZONS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Durgapur, an opportunity for learners to explore themselves in a committed & dedicated environment for realizing their potential. Since 7th Match™2007, our mission for continuous up gradation in academics as well as other much needed relevant activities has given a distinct dimension in the arena of technical studies. We believe in findings the individual ability & accordingly enlighten him/ her in the suited way. It is a fact that, technical study means familiarizing oneself with the practical applicability. which is nothing but imparting it. knowledge in a Techno-relevant manner, which is almost important criterion for any technical institute. On the above context, pride it is a matter of for me to be a part of our unique family, i.e. NHIT Durgapur, an authenticated system to have the opportunity of making the minds of learners towards the Real Techno-Professionalism. Our Institute is the pioneer in executing two independent shifts successfully to meet the expanding demand for the technical studies™ Till date, achievement of NHIT is purely due to the sincere & honest effort of all dedicated members of NHIT™ Ability of our students has been reflected on the results, awards, securing positions in the State Council, placement in companies, entrepreneurship, etc.The whole frame of functioning has basically been categorized into three areas for processing the relevant parameters on transparent basis. The core academics with adequate suited studies to fulfill today™s™ need are being provided by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members in the form of delivering the relevant subjects in classes, laboratories, workshops, close monitoring to accelerate the whole process towards positivity, conducting different types of techno oriented programs like, monthly test, seminar, in house project exhibition, special lectures by eminent educationists i.oi nearby reputed educational as well as industrial organizations, industrial tour and outhouse seminar at different-renowned establishments, yearly technical and cultural fest etc.

The second one is the administrative activities to isolate any kind of undesired phenomenon as well as to keep the overall institutional disciplines at its rigid stand. As, it ii our achievement that, our institute is well known for its strong disciplines and accordingly we are in constant vigil to maintain as well as to uplift the above status for the best interest of the students.

The third part of our processing is the assisting our students in the field of industrial training, higher studies. on and off-campus recruitment drives, etc. to hive the ultimate outcome of our efforts. This year also, our institute is on the.peak point of all polytechnics of West Bengal in the campus recruitment drives, which is really a benchmark for us. This total part of assistance is provided by joint effort of our Human Resource & Corporate Relation Department members, Faculty member exclusively deputed as Training & placement Coordinator. also our Managing Committee members… a unique and committed team towards excellence.
We are proud of our governing body for the support and co-operation as extended by them for the growth of academics as well as disciplined institutional environment.

It rs customary to mention, that the maintaining and developing of all the above categorized, area, NHIT, is having all the relevant infrastructural features of excellence.”, which is in the mode of continuous enlargement till the saturation.

We dont know whatever the destiny may have in store for us, but we should always be in process for something better. Like wise is our assurance to all the newly admitted students and the respected guardians that, every possible steps of development will be extended from our end for shaping the students as real Techno- oriented, provided the necessary support and co-operation from the part of respected guardians are readily available.

Extending my heartiest welcome and wishing all success in future assignment to my dear newly admited students. Align with our thoughts and meet your expectations. Have a nice student life in our family
Vice Principal, NHIT

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