To develop, the department into a state of art, with center of excellence in Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering education, to meet the challenges of ever-changing technology


M1: To create universally applicable and technologically relevant knowledge of students in the field of Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering, with the aim of promoting an integrated and universal education with Science, technology and real-life applicability.

M2: To pursue comprehensive educational system, research in collaboration with foreign faculty and foreign university, and to disseminate knowledge through scholarly publication.

M3: To provide service through professional societies to the community, the state and the nation.



PEO1:  To acquire necessary technical knowledge to pursue successful career.

PEO2: To prepare and motivate the students to work as supervisors, foremen, sales engineers, workshop technicians, service station managers, junior instructors, workshop superintendents, laboratory assistant etc.

PEO3: To inculcate group work and team management skills.

PEO4: To promote student awareness for lifelong learning and inculcate professional ethics and sensitize students towards issues of social relevance.

Message from the
Mr. Arnab Mukhopadhyay

It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you all to the Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering department of the Institute. ETCE has set standards in the technical education under the aegis of NHIT.

The ETCE department at NHIT has been setting exemplary standards since its inception. It is an honour to represent this department as its H.o.D and be an integral part of its endeavours. The department strongly believes in the ability of its students to leave a global footprint, assisted by a highly qualified pool of faculty members. The department has experienced and well qualified faculty members, well equipped laboratories. We strive to train and empower our students who will make the world a better place by using power of engineering principles, techniques and systems. High academic excellence coupled with moral rectitude, intellectual integrity etc., is essence of our department. By accepting the numerous methods of development, we enable the students to utilize their potential and channelize their efforts to make the best of education. We at NHIT, inculcate value based education and produce our students as good as competitors in the corporate world. Needless to say, the untiring efforts a part from faculties, students of the department and others help ETCE department to achieve Institute’s Vision and Mission.

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