• The vision of Basic Science & Engineering Department is to make the Institute a center of excellence in learning so that the students are well equipped with the fundamental knowledge of Basic Sciences and Engineering with depth and confidence and ready for professional field and higher studies.


  • To provide knowledge with Academic Excellence and prepare our students for their successful professional career.
  • To educate and prepare students to contribute as Engineers and Citizens through the creation, integration, application and transfer of Engineering
  • To provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation to maximize individual potential.


  • To provide students with a sound foundation of Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering fundamental necessary to formulate, solve and analyze engineering problems.
  • To provide a hands on approach to engineering so that the student develop an understanding of engineering judgement and practice.
  • To make the students of Engineering and Technology aware of the basic laws and principles of physics and their applications in the field of Engineering and Technology.


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Mongala moyee pandey

Department of  Basic Science and Engineering plays a vital role in an engineering college catering to the teaching of Basic Science courses for engineering students of all branches. The Department comprises three disciplines namely, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. As an integral part of the institute, the prime focus of department is to provide a conceptual base in Basic Sciences which form a foundation to the Engineering subjects.

The Basic Science and Engineering Department has the some of the best qualified and experienced faculties who have tremendous potential to shape the attitude, inherent talents and personalities of students and transform them into quality products. The department with high profile Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teachers imbibes into itself the dedication to carry on the cherished objectives of spreading education in a most effective manner. Well spaced Physics and Chemistry Laboratories equipped with adequate instruments add value to the basic science department. Our laboratories have been well established not only to cover complete syllabus but to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely develops complete knowledge of the subject.

The flagship objective of the Department is to train the young minds to explore the new horizons.

We wish a very best of luck to the students.

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