Always thrive for excellence in technical education through innovation and teamwork, inculcate students to become dynamic and caring citizen and capable to meet the challenges of ever changing technology while retaining their traditional ethical value.


  • To develop a learning process where great emphasis is placed on understanding of the phenomena and its fundamentals leading to increase in employability of students.
  • To provide the students proper education to inculcate the attitude creatively which will ultimately lead to freedom of thoughts.
  • To provide every opportunity to harness the enthusiasm, zest and perseverance of the students to work as a team member with potential of leadership.
  • To further strengthen our departmental infrastructures and facilities so that the students are familiarized with emerging technologies which help them to become industry standard.
  • To develop competency for higher study which will lead them to become young innovative technologist for the society.

Program Educational Objectives

The program Educational objectives of Automobile Engineering Department of N.H.I.T is to produce diploma engineers having competence to:

  • Different Prospect: Complete their studies to become Graduate Engineers, work efficiently in any of recent automobile sector, or to become potential Entrepreneurs.
  • Society Development: Fulfill the needs of society in solving technical problems using engineering principles, tools and practices.
  • Inculcating Ethics and Leadership: Develop high ethical values which will reduces the in-disciplinary in their working field which progressively cultivate their leadership skills in the workplace and function professionally in a globally competitive world.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Growth: To provide opportunities for the students to work with multidiscipline field of engineering so as to enlarge the ability among the students to understand the different industrial environments.

Message from the
Mr. Shyam Sundar Dutta
Head of the Department




A toddler breaks the toys to satisfy its utmost curiosity and plays with the dispersed parts. In the productive umbrage of The New Horizons Institute of Technology we nurture such budding engineers who possess the inquisitiveness of a toddler. With this vision the department of Automobile Engineering aims to impart the quality education to the future engineers. Our passion for creativity leads us to delve deep into the world of machines. We infuse knowledge with

Our passion for creativity leads us to delve deep into the world of machines. We infuse knowledge with passion for Automobiles in order to embellish our students with holistic skills, required for their professional world. Since India is gradually taking a leading position in the field of Automobile, this Diploma course gains significance for those who are passionate about Automobiles.

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