Why cultural Activities are important along with academic programs in colleges?

‘SAPTAK NHIT’ is a cultural club of The New Horizons Institute Of Technology. Many performance and programs focuses on the talent of our students. It also acts as relief from boring life and get a free mind which helps to pay attention in their studies. They get a chance to make good friends and to be social.

Academic programs were the only activities organised in colleges and all students engaged to that . With the changing trend students don’t want to be bookworms; they look for other options that could help them in the future. In this high tech world, every student wants to acquire knowledge in every field to stay updated. Co-circular activities plays a vital role in the life of students.

Life is also about developing one’s extra-curricular talents and growing as an individual. Cultural clubs like the music club, dance club, debate club, etc., can help to nurture our talent. Also, if anybody good at it, and he/she has been noticed by seniors , he/she might just be a part of the team that represents the college. That would certainly give them bragging rights in the first year itself ;-). There is no greater honour than representing the institute..

The achievements in cultural clubs act as valuable additions in resume and showcase in a better light. It is something that can come in handy during placements, as recruiters are constantly on the lookout for candidates who are capable of much more than their technical repertoire. Joining cultural clubs can certainly help improve one’s social life.

So, if you want to have the time of your life and break the ice with other students, join a cultural club now!


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