en-HItech, 2k19

No : Notice/19/21                                                                                                         Date: 01/03/2019


The technical fest of NHIT “en-HItech, 2k19”will likely to be held on 1st week of April, 2019.

The faculty Co-ordinator of Tech Fest of each departments are requested to encourage the students to submit their project within 2nd week of March, 2019.

The Fest Committee has decided the contribution for the cultural event of Fest will be Rs. Five hundred (Rs. 500/-) only per student. Students are instructed to submit respective contribution to the Accounts Department.

This is also to inform that cultural fest will be held only, if sufficient student interest is shown.                       



      (Abhishek Pal)    (Dhruba Banerjee)

Secretary, en-HItech, 2k19    Principal




Copy to : i) President / Secretary

  1.               ii) Vice-Principal

             iii) All HODs

  1.              iv) Office Admin.
  2.             v) A/c Dept.
  3.             vi) HR &CRD – to put in the college website & facebook

            vii) Notice Board


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