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Date- 26.09.2020

This is to inform all final year (6th semester) students that, as per the revised guidelines of the UGC (duly endorsed by the AICTE) and subsequent directives of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the assessment of the diploma students of final semester / year is to be done through examinations in Offline / Online mode both REGULAR and CASUAL in the Academic Session 2019-20. Salient features cum broad guidelines of the said examinations are being furnished here in under:

  1. For all REGULAR and CASUAL diploma students of final semester / year, external assessment of the THEORETICAL subjects will be done through EXAMINATIONS in online
  2. Examinations will be started on and from 10.2020 (Monday). Routine for the examinations will be notified by the Council shortly.
  • Questions for the examinations will be available from web-portal in the Council’s The Confidential login & password of the students will be provided by the Institute as and when received from the council before commencement of the examinations of each day through Email / WhatsApp / SMS.
  1. Eligible students have to download the question paper from the web-portal using the confidential login They will get additional time of 30 minutes for downloading the question paper.
  2. For each day’s examinations, the Institute will provide new password to the students for onward transmission to the eligible students after receiving the new password from council.
  3. Pattern of questions for the examinations shall remain almost same as that of previous
  • Students have to write the answers of the questions in own hand writing using A4 size pages and put their full signature at the bottom of all pages. Each completed answer script must possess a front page (A4 size) carrying details of the examinee (specified in the notification). After completion of the examination, students have to upload the scanned copies of their answer scripts along with the front page (in single pdf form only) to the same web-portal using the same password. For uploading the answer script, students will get additional time of 30 minutes after the examination hour.
  • In general, duration of the examinations will be 2 hours [for Full Paper (Total Marks: 70/80/100)] and 1 hour [for Half Paper (Total marks: 35/40/50)]. So, students will get total time of 3 hours for the full papers and 2 hours for the half papers including the time for downloading of the question paper and uploading of the answer script.
  • For any quary please contact their respective departmental faculty or HOD.


26th Sep 2020
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