ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: 3 years diploma programme in Mechanical




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  • Vision 

Strive continuously to achieve excellence in technical education and enrichment based on strategies of innovation/creativity and synergetic group-working.

  • Mission

1. Facilitate mechanical engineering inputs to enable employability and academic career advancement through experimental learning from experts of Industry.

2. Facilitate sound learning, creativity and team work and self employment through entrepreneurship cell.

3. Facilitate building of capable, innovative and ethical supervisors.


Pass Out students will be able to :

  • PO-1:

 Apply basic knowledge of mathematics , science , engineering and technology in the optimal resolution of problems to be faced in their work life.

  • PO-2:

Apply mechanical engineering knowledge in the optimal resolution of discipline- specific problems as would be encountered in their career situations .

  • PO-3:

Plan/programme/ schedule / organize / conduct/ perform experiment /trials /survey/ simulation and utilize the results there-of in optimal resolution of engineering problems /situations.

  • PO-4:

Utilize methods /techniques/tools understanding well their boundary limitations/constraints and their field / area of application.

  • PO-5:

Showcase their knowledge in assessing diverse issues of social/ health/safety and security/legal and cultural nature and resolving such issues with sense of obligation/responsibility.

  • PO-6:

Understand impact of engineering solutions on society and environment in continuous and sustainable manner.

  • PO-7:

Apply and commit ethical principles /norms/standards during their professional engineering practices.

  • PO-8:

Work effectively both as individual and as team member of group consisting of members drawn from various disciplines /functions.

  • PO-9:

Effectively communicate cutting across hierarchal levels/lines of authority of an organization/institutions.

  • PO-10:

Recognize and possess the preparation and ability to innovate/ engage in life-long learnings in fast and technologically changing environment.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The program will

  1. Groom students into basic knowledgeable technical supervisors/coordinators / leaders/ academicians for optimal decision making.
  2. Groom students with concepts of creativity and team working so as to overcome future challenges.
  3. Equip students with confidence, capability, moral-values, self reliance and academic achievements.
  4. Broaden the horizons of learning through effective communication and sharing of experiences with experts.

Faculty Members of Mechanical Engg. Department :

1  Tilak Roy  HOD A-Shift
2 Dipankar Sarkar HOD B-Shift
3 V. K. Dhamija LECTURER
4 D. K. Gangopadhyay LECTURER
5 Sankar Bagchi LECTURER
6 Sanjay Kumar Rakshit LECTURER
7 Md. Kaderi Kibria LECTURER
8 Partha Biswas LECTURER
9 Dinesh Singh LECTURER
10 Satyajit Roy LECTURER
11 Tanmoy Roy LECTURER
12 Pallab Naskar LECTURER
13 Arnab Kr. Dey LECTURER
14 Sudipto Bhattacharya LECTURER
15 Arijit Kumar Bose LECTURER
16 Ankit Tiwari LECTURER
17 Samsad Ansari LECTURER
18 Meghnath Sen LECTURER
19 Sajjan Kr. Baheti LECTURER
17 Kishore Kr. Chakraborty LAB. ASSTT.
18 Arun Kr. Dey LAB. ASSTT.
19 Biswanath Das LAB. ASSTT.
20 Partha Chakraborty LAB. ASSTT.
21 Rajib Sarkar LAB. ASSTT.
22 Saradendu Pal LAB. ASSTT.
23 Pradip Sarkar LAB. ASSTT.
24 Gopal Ch. Roy LAB. ASSTT.
25 Swapna Paul LAB. ASSTT.