N.H.I.T. (The New Horizons Institute of Technology) is the brain child of "Durgapur Ispat Peoples' Society".


Durgapur lspat Peoples' Society, a registered society registered with the Registrar of Soc ieties, Government of West Bengal was born out of an idea that germinated in the period between 2004 and 2005. A group of educated, young, and sincere professionals came together and created "Durgapur lspat Peoples' Society" to realize their dream of spreading affordable and good quality technological ed ucation among the eligible youth of Eastern India. "The New Horizons Institute of Technology" is the first step towards the realization of that dream . But NHIT w as not formed overnight. Many surveys were undertaken and people from different professions and from different walks of life were consu lted . Several engineering colleges and industrial houses were also visited . A lot of important information was gleaned from this mammoth exercise . It was learnt that Durgapur had really turned into an important educat ional hub of Eastern India. This city alone accounted almost every sorts of educat ional institutes . Only an engineering college offering Diplomas in different branches of enginee ring was missing from this list . This led to the birth of "The New Horizons Institute of Technology". Hence,the introduction of a Polytechnic College in an industrial city like Durgapur is very relevant and needful not only to its students but to the society at large.


The New Horizons Institute of Technology (NHIT)


Registration No. : S/IL/21847of2004-2005 (under Society's Registration Act of 1961, Govt. of West Bengal.)

Registered Office : 6/7, Einstein Avenue, B-Zone, Durgapur-713 205. (W.B)

College Campus : Phase-II, City Centre, South GT Road( near Gandhi More),Durgapur-713 208, Tel.:(0343) 2542102/03/06

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