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From The Desk of H.O.D: 

NHIT started its journey in the year 2007. The Department started from the inception of the college.  The Department of Basic Science and Engineering (BSE) of NHIT can easily be called the SHAPERS. Knowledge in basic science is an essential constituent of any professional course. Department of Basic Science and Engineering aims to fulfil this function most efficiently. This Department is devoted to foster the fundamental principles and understanding of science that is capable of enhancing the human experience. The Department comprises of three branches of study namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Equipped with state of the art of Laboratories, knowledgeable, caring Faculty Members and diligent, sincere Technical Assistants, put all possible efforts to build up the solid base for students which make them able to receive core engineering skills later on.


To provide knowledge with Academic Excellence and prepare our students for their successful

professional carrier.

To educate and prepare students to contribute as Engineers and Citizens through the creation,

integration, application and transfer of Engineering knowledge.

To provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation to maximize

individual potential.


Vision of BSE Department is to make the Institute a centre of excellence of learning, so that the

students are well equipped with the fundamental knowledge of Basic Sciences and

Engineering with depth and confidence and ready for professional field and higher studies.


The Diploma holders will be able to conduct experiments, interprets and analyse data and

report results(Physical and Chemical analysis, water analysis, measuring Physical properties

of materials).

 The Diploma holders will demonstrate the basic knowledge in Mathematics, Science and


 The Diploma holders will demonstrate the ability to function on engineering and Science

laboratory teams, as well as multidisciplinary design teams.


To provide students with a sound foundation of Mathematical, Scientific and

Engineering fundamental necessary to formulate, solve and analyse engineering


 To provide a hands on approach to engineering so that the student develop an understanding

of engineering judgement and practice.

 To make the students of Engineering and Technology aware of the basic laws and principles of

physics and their applications in the field of Engineering and Technology.


Faculty Members of Basic Science & Engg. Department :

1 Nitai Chandra Das HOD- A Shift
2 Paresh Nath Mondal HOD- B Shift
3 Suman Adhikari Lecturer
4 Prabhat Kumar Ghosh Lecturer
5 Mongala Moyi Pandey Lecturer
6 Mrinmoy Ghosh Lecturer
7 Subir Mukhopadhyay Lecturer
8 Arindam Dutta Lecturer
9 Shibram Charraborty Lab. Asstt.
10 Sankar Chatterjee Lab. Asstt.
11 Shreya Shukla Lab. Asstt.