A career as an automobile engineer is for people who are driven and passionate about cars & bikes. Prospects of an automobile engineer will be favorable, as the sector is growing at a vary fast clip due to the rapid growth of auto component manufacturers and automobile industries, There is a great demand for Automobile Engineers in India.

Automobile Engg

Automobile Engg workshop

A toddler breaks the toys to satisfy its utmost curiosity and plays with the dispersed parts. In the productive umbrage of The New Horizons Institute of Technology we nurture such budding engineers who possess the inquisitiveness of a toddler.With this vision the Department of Automobile Engineering aims to impart the quality education to the future engineers. Our passion for creativity leads us to delve deep into the world of machines. We infuse knowledge with passion for Automobiles in order to embellish our students with holistic  skills, required for their professional world. Since India is gradually taking a leading position in the field of Automobile, this Diploma course gains significance for those who are passionate about Automobiles.


To become well known in academics for its realistic curriculum, high quality teaching and providing ample opportunities to nurture the creative and versatile elements in the students.


  • To encourage a teaching learning process where great emphasis is placed on understanding of the phenomena and its fundamentals leading to increase in employability of students.
  • To provide every opportunity to harness the enthusiasm, zest and innovativeness of the students to work as a team to undertake a complete appropriate projects.
  • To further strengthen our departmental infrastructures and facilities through active assistance from user industries so that the students are familiarized with emerging technologies that are relevant to their immediate vocation as young engineers and the same can be utilized for service to the society.
  • To develop competency for higher study.

Focus Area:

Basic Electronics, Heat Power Engineering, Automobile Engine, Automobile Chasis, Industrial Management, Maintenance & Service Station Management, Manufacturing Process, Theory of Machines, Earth Moving Equipment & Farm Machinery, Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics, Automotive Transmission, Automative Electricals & Electronics, Motor Vehicle Act & Transport Management, Machine Tools.

Automobile Engg

Automobile Engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering, incorporating design, manufacture and ?—?erat ion of motorcycles, automobiles, buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems.

Automobile Engineers are involved in almost every aspect of designing cars and trucks, from the initial concepts right through to manufacturing them.

Prospects :


Automobile industry is considered as a Sunshine Industries. But the availability trained engineer s is very less. Therefore opportunity in national and international job market is considerably very high and expanding very fast .

Faculty Members of Automobile Engg. Department :

1 Malay Sinha HOD
2 Soumendra Kumar Roy Lecturer
3 Sujay Saha Lecturer
4 Subhasish Kanjilal Lecturer
5 Arup Kumar Sikdar Lecturer
6 P.C Bhowmick Lab. Asst.
7 Suman Halder Lab. Asst.